Missionary Update

So here’s an update from my last post about missionary efforts…

The new building’s Open House came and went, I attended, but not with either of these ladies to which I extended an invitation. I’m not sure I had the right number for Mariama, but called several times to let her know I hadn’t forgotten and was there to take her to it if she’d like. I got a message at work the day before saying that she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be able to go with me. Bummer. Harris was out of town that weekend at a Tae Kwon Do tournament so just Hunter, Hayden and I went to see what it the Open House was all about.

It was presented very well…. Nice posters with pictures, explanations about different rooms’ purposes or organizations, volunteers from various wards manning each room ready to explain more to the visitors. It was there that I got to see what indexing actually was. Seems fairly simple, yet deciphering handwriting looks like it could be difficult at times though too. I really liked that in the chapel, all day, they had people from various wards present musical numbers in the chapel for people to listen to and feel the Spirit. I wish I could have stayed all day just for that because it looked like there were some really good ones in the lineup. I would have liked to have done something musical as well, but Harris wasn’t in town to keep an eye on the kids, plus I thought I’d be there with one of these ladies.

We didn’t stay long, but just explored the building some more. We weren’t dressed up and didn’t know everyone we saw so I wondered if some thought we were investigators or something. It’s always interesting going to things like that, even on Temple Square with all the missionaries there. Do they think we’re members or not? Do they just try to talk to everyone anyway?

I don’t see Mariama much anymore, as she works at another Y location, but she is very excited when she does see me. This last time I dropped Hayden off as I’m signing him in I get this big hug from her. She seems to be doing well and has a car now to get her to work. Thank goodness! It was quite a distance for her to walk!!

As for Dolly, she hasn’t asked anything church related lately, but I continue to try and be a good example and work hard. Maybe there will be something soon that I can invite them to and get the ball rolling again.

How are things going for you and your efforts?

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