Missionary Moments

Along with the announcements and such at the beginning of Relief Society each Sunday we’ve recently been having “Missionary Moments” where anyone can share an experience during the past week where they’ve perhaps shared the gospel with someone.

This past Sunday I decided to share something that is developing at work. There is a lady (in her 70’s!) I work with often, named Dolly. She’s really great with the kids, kinda like a grandma to them. One particular family that comes in knows her well and goes to the same church that she attends. So she is religious and appreciates other religions. Her neighbors across the street happen to be LDS and she is good friends with them. Recently Dolly had some knee surgery and they would look in on her and often visit her anyway. There are 4 kids and one of the girls is getting baptized this June. I can’t remember how she found out I was LDS, but she brought it up one day and talked about how she went with the neighbor, Holly, to a R.S. Meeting during the week one time and all the ladies were so nice. She told me about the little girl getting baptized and asked what gift to give her. At first I was blank because the only baptisms I’ve been to lately have been boys so what do you give a girl?! I said that typically the parents would give the child their own set of scriptures, but you could give them a nice picture or go to the Church bookstore for more ideas. Later I thought about it more and suggested to her a bookmark, the girl loves to read, or, since Dolly is quite the seamstress, she could make a pretty, white shawl for the girl to wear to to church and she liked that idea.

Anyway, occasionally she’ll ask me something, most recently it was about how the Mormons differ from Catholics and at first I was all, “Lots of ways,” but then tried to think of similarities yet differences too. It was a brief conversation and I’m not sure I fully answered her question, but I appreciate the opportunity to try to do my missionary duty.

With the opening of our new building there is going to be a two-day Open House this next week that sounds amazing! It’s, of course, open to all and will have booths set up to explain things throughout the church on things like food storage, family history, each organization of the church, etc. Cool. I bet there will be a great turn out. We have nice invitations to give people we have in mind that would be interested. Dolly popped up in my head so I took one for her. At work when I had a moment I asked if her neighbor happened to give her one of these cards and they had already. (We need to coordinate our missionary efforts, I think) I explained more about what will be there and encouraged her to go. So I didn’t give the Open House invitation to her, but to…

Mariama. She started working at the YMCA a few weeks ago and is an interesting person. In her 60’s, from Ohio, very chatty, religious and has a good head on her shoulders. She won’t be working at that particular Y due to transportation issues, but I’ll probably see her still when I go workout. Anyway, I guess she heard it through the grapevine that I was LDS and talked about that a bit. I can’t remember specifics. She seemed really interested though so I pulled out that invitation and told her about it and encouraged her to go get some more answers there. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go at the time, but talking to her this past week I offered to come pick her up and go to it with her if all works out with her work schedule and all. I was hoping to go anyway since it sounds like a big production, but it’d be great to bring someone too!

So the Lord has blessed me with situations where people come to me and help me open my mouth about the gospel rather than me having to initiate it. I haven’t been quite so afraid that way, but I still feel like I’m not answering their questions in the best way possible. I was also blessed with the ultimate compliment from Mariama the other day. She said she was really going to miss working with me and that I was the definition of a saint. She was telling another lady all this. She said, she’s quiet and doesn’t say much, but she let’s her light shine through her personality. She lives her religions, as it should be. She talked about how I am with my kids and that you won’t ever catch me gossiping. I’m a peacemaker and I don’t let outside things get to me, I just do what I do. Wow. I could feel I was blushing as she said all this, but it felt good to know that my light was being seen and that it was good and getting people’s attention. 🙂

It’s a lot to read, but I wanted to make sure I recorded these experiences somewhere. Hopefully there will be more developments to report in the coming weeks. Unfortunately though, if these ladies do join the church, neither of them will be in my ward!

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