Making Progress…. Or Not

I just wanted to write a few things about how Hunter and Hayden are doing just because and for the record.

We’re trying to do more to get Hunter more familiar with words and reading. Harris got him and Hayden the first volume in the “Your Baby Can Read” series. Maybe you are familiar with it? It’s had several infomercials on TV. Anyway, it’s just one of those really simple, repetitive movies that shows a word, reads the word, then shows a child or animal doing whatever the word is. It comes with these neat little flash cards that have the word on it and a part that slides out to show a picture demonstrating the word. As we went through them the first time, which was after watching the video several times, Hunter read, “elephant,” “tiger,” and “hi.” He’s maybe even reading more words than that now! He occasionally really likes working on writing his name. He’s gotten a lot better, but is already a perfectionist having to erase letters when they don’t quite look right. Hey, maybe we won’t have to get on to him about his handwriting like we do with Harris!

Another interesting tidbit about Hunter is he is a massive booger producer. It’s insane! He can actually blow his nose now, but this does not get those suckers out. You’ve gotta dig them out and they’re huge! Maybe half the size of your nail… the big pink part. They’re green too. Could this be a potential problem? How funny, going to the doctor because my son produces very large green boogers, often. Harris just picked Hunter’s nose last night and now I had to go and do it today! I don’t know how quick your nose produces boogers normally but something that size just seems like it should take a while to build up. I don’t know. It’s gross. Perhaps it has something to do with his ears. He, like me and my mom, have weird shaped ears inside. We produce a lot of wax and our ears clog easily. Could that effect the drainage therefore making these nasty things? What can you do about it?

Hayden can count to ten! Yea! He did it a while ago before only skipping 6, but then couldn’t for some reason and is doing it again. He recognizes some letters and colors too, but we need to do better about that. It’s fun watching him learn and grow, though sometimes he’s learning too much from his brothers. It’s great that kids are “sponges,” but do they have to soak up everything?!

Hayden had a check up recently and is about 34″ tall and 38 lbs. They had to take some blood to test for anemia and such which was new to me! Hunter never had to do this, but I bet he will now! Hayden whimpered some and was scared at first, but did okay. I made sure to look the other way so as not to pass out. Results came back and all is normal.

We had an exciting adventure in Kroger the last time. Hunter got whacked in the ear with Hayden’s jacket he was swinging around and then tripped somehow over my shoe and fell on the floor. I didn’t know if he was running and tripped and on the way down hit my shoe or ran and tripped on my shoe and somehow hit it with his mouth. His lip was bleeding so we had to hurry off to bathroom, but first had to go after Hayden who just wanders off and does not seem to care. Hunter may wander too, but he always comes back. Hayden just does his own thing. I rinsed out Hunter’s mouth, afraid it was his teeth but it was just his lip. I had him hold paper towels up to his mouth until it stopped bleeding, but even after it stopped he was scared to move it.

I was fine to begin with, but it doesn’t seem to matter where or how much something is bleeding; eventually I will feel lightheaded. I just had to hold on and get on with the last items, check out and get home. Then while checking out Hayden keeps going after the Cadbury egg in the little basket by the credit card machine. I take it away, tell him no several times yet somehow he still manages to show up with it in his hand once again trying to unwrap it. It’s finally too late, the wrapper is ripped and he’s torn a piece off. So we wait and buy it now, but I don’t give it to him. I say he can have it after dinner. He’s upset, but oh well. When he finally is allowed to eat it he doesn’t want it! What?! Daddy was happy to eat it. If it had been a caramel one I would have a put up a fight for it šŸ™‚ Harris said I should not have given it to him at all, though not giving it to him right away was still good.

He also says to keep them in the cart not free roaming which is part of the reason it takes so freaking long at the store with them, but when they are in it they are mean to each other or mess with the food by throwing it out, using it as swords, stacking it up, etc. It’s SO frustrating. I don’t know what to do. I threaten that if they wander off they’ll be put in the cart so they hang on to the side of the cart and stay close, but it’s not long before they’re off racing down the aisle again.

Potty training Hayden has been a lot harder than potty training Hunter. I’m a little busier, plus Hayden doesn’t mind being messy. I was tough, but was able to sort of scare Hunter into it, at least pooping in the potty, because I’d make him stand in the shower after he pooped in his pants which he hated doing. Hayden is all about candy and cookies so I tell him that when he goes in the potty he can have a sucker. He gets excited about it sometimes, but rarely tells me when he needs to go. I just have to take him or watch out for any squatting being done. I really want him to be out of diapers/Pull-Ups soon. It’s expensive and I think he is capable of taking himself potty now. We’ll just keep trying.

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1 Response to Making Progress…. Or Not

  1. anna says:

    we all fight the same battles at the grocery store. I leave on in the cart, and the other has to stay close. if he wanders too much, he gets a warning, and then “the countdown”, and then timeout. you just can’t be afraid to put them in time out and let them scream there in the store, and ignore it. Most people have been there and get it. the others, well, don’t matter. šŸ™‚

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