Just Some Randomness Again…

In public bathrooms….

Which stall do you choose? Why?
I think it was on an Oprah show a long time ago where they talked about this. They said the safest to choose is either the first one or the last one because they have a wall on one side. People typically choose the second one though for some reason.

Do you put your purse and such on the floor or on a hook?
If there is a hook, I’d rather it be on the hook than on the floor, but I sometimes worry about some stranger’s arm reaching over the door and grabbing my bag and there I am with my pants down unable to run after the thief. Otherwise I guess it’s best to put it by the wall, hence the reason you’d want to be in the first or last stall.

If there is another person and one sink and they finish at the same time, do you hurry out to get to the sink first or wait and blow your nose or something to stall (especially if you made some embarrassing noises)?
For some reason I typically stall by using the time to blow my nose. I’m not sure why. I guess to be nice and let them go ahead and so it’s not weird just waiting for them to finish at the sink. Hence the next question…

If you are at the sink and people are waiting, do you rush or take your time? Do you risk them thinking, ‘Ewh,that was too fast. She didn’t wash good enough,’ or ‘Geez, she’s taking too long! Hurry up!’?
I think I try to be quick, but thorough to please those who want the rush, and those who want the clean.

I find it annoying how the paper towel dispensers are like tissue boxes where they are crammed in there so tight you rip through like five to get a decent amount of scraps to dry off with.

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1 Response to Just Some Randomness Again…

  1. anna says:

    hahahahahahaha!!!! we have all so had these thoughts!!!! that’s awesome!

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