Gettin’ High….. On The Spirit

“Did not our hearts within us burn?”
“And we did liken the scriptures unto ourselves”
“That it may be for your profit and learning”

These were just a few scriptural phrases going through my mind after our combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting a couple weeks ago. It was on scripture study and also how to create strong foundations, cornerstones and keystones for our “houses of order,” going along with the scripture in D&C 88.

What was weird though was that later that day I came across a link on Facebook for a blog that had suggestions for scripture reading and comments from other people about similar lessons on the scriptures this same day! Was this Churchwide and not just local inspiration? Perhaps a little of both….?

Anyway, it was presented very well. I certainly felt the Spirit and had to write this out to share. One of the Bishop’s counselors started the meeting off by talking about using our scriptures… actually using the BOOK. There’s something different and more meaningful about turning the pages of the sacred books than touching a small screen that gets you right to the verse zippy quick. They’re not saying using iPods, PDAs and things of that nature are bad to use, but there definitely is a better time and place for them. And many of our youth either have and use these devices or don’t have their scriptures with them at all at church. (It can make things interesting when you use them for early morning seminary though. Do you have multiple copies or carry them back and forth?) So it is encouraged that when doing scripture study we use our big heavy books and dive in.

The next part was presented by the Bishop and I really learned a lot. He defined what the foundation, cornerstone and keystone were and their importance to the structure as a whole. Then suggested things, individually and as families, that we can do to strengthen each part so one is not weaker than the other causing the other things to crumble. It was very interesting. We even have a nice little handout to review and remind us how to get our spiritual “houses in order.”

After it was over, I made a point to go to the Bishop and shake his hand and say, “Thank you. It was perfect.” It really was a great presentation. I felt a renewed strength and desire to do what is right though, unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t last long when we go back out in the world again. Hopefully we can stick with being consistent and then worry about quality later.

A week or two ago in Sacrament meeting the Primary Presidency spoke and emphasized scriptures as well. They’re trying to use them more frequently in Primary and sent home a chart to color in or put a sticker on each day you read as a family and Hunter loves it. He’s a good reminder, not always about what I want him to though- he gets me in trouble with Harris sometimes when he points out that I haven’t done something yet that Harris wants me to.

Harris J. was nervous to pass the sacrament that first time, and may still be, but I’m surprised they didn’t coach him beforehand! I always pictured them with the new Deacons in front of a chalkboard drawing out the “passing route” like a coach drawing football plays. Hmmm, I guess they don’t do that. Hopefully he gets things figured out soon and feels more comfortable. Hayden was really excited about it and kept saying, “I see Harris!” Such fun moments.

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1 Response to Gettin’ High….. On The Spirit

  1. Tabetha says:

    I love Sundays like that! I wish I could figure out how to get similar results every Sunday… Glad that you had one though!

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