We’re Alive!

Howdy to all you who may still keep up with our blog, although there is nothing to keep up with!

It has been quite a while huh? I’ve just been busy with work and still trying to organize my life while stressing about it all too that I haven’t been good about blogging. I think I never really was good about blogging anyway though. I didn’t write regularly and certainly didn’t put all the fun, frivolous stuff other popular bloggers do.

So what’s new? Probably not a whole lot. Still working at the YMCA or “the Y” as they are trying to call it now to go along with what people say, though I rarely would call it that because to me “the Y” is BYU and probably forever will be. I’m still suffering from allergies, of course. I have quit the allergy shots though 1) because I couldn’t tell if it was making much of a difference. Harris says so, but I don’t know and 2) because we can’t afford to pay for another round of the serum. So I’m left to observe and see how I do without it and control what I can, like with my food allergies. Thanks to a friend I have found some egg substitute powder stuff I use when making things like cakes, muffins, cupcakes etc that require eggs. It works just fine and saves me from getting hives on my arms. If it’s not something I made myself, I either avoid it or try not to eat much of it. So it’s really not that bad, at least not as bad as it is for others with food allergies. My skin has just been really dry since it’s finally been colder and drier air. Kinda makes me wonder how I’d be in Utah. Bring lots of lotion I guess!

I’m still terrible about working out regularly. I hate how we have all this fine stuff, lots of options, but I don’t use them!! So I’m still working on it. If we really do get to my family reunion I really hope I look better than I do now, especially because I need to fit into SOMETHING decent during the summer!

Harris and Harris J. are still doing lots of Tae Kwon Do. Hunter got started with it too several months ago and is now about to test for his green belt! The test after that he’ll be higher than me! Hayden likes to participate at home too, but needs to learn to listen better before I feel he could actually get through a class. Harris J. has taken the first of 3 tests before receiving his 2nd dan as a black belt. Harris should have tested by now too, but I don’t know why he hasn’t yet. I do know that he still is unsure about sparring though.

Harris J. just turned 12 and received the Aaronic Priesthood which his grandparents (my parents) were able to witness and spend some time with us for a couple days. Harris was really nervous about it beforehand, but I think is excited and ready for the new adventures and responsibilities ahead. He is still doing very well with his trumpet at school and has been helpful with taking care of his little brothers.

Hunter is finally fitting nicely into size 4 clothes. He and Hayden are only like 3 pounds apart! Hayden is nearly as tall as Hunter, but both seem to continue to grow slowly. We still think Hunter will probably be the runt of the family, lucky if he’s taller than me! He just doesn’t have giant parents. He’ll be starting kindergarten in the fall of his year and I think he’ll do well. He is great at making friends, knows his letters and numbers well, loves stories, and learns quickly. My worry is how he’ll be riding the bus (he likes seeing them but not up close) and if he’ll get in trouble for talking too much or miss eating lunch because he’s talking instead!

Hayden is still quite the character. He just turned 3 and was very excited about the extra attention and fun of going to ride the carousel at the mall. Hunter loves birthdays and can’t wait for his own to come. Hayden knows he can often get what he wants when he goes to Daddy for it. He still LOVES cookies, crackers, cheese and bread. It’s hard trying to get him to eat what the rest of us are eating at dinnertime. He is learning a lot from Hunter and is still very lovey. He’s growing up fast so I hang on to all the moments when he cuddles up with me for a movie or gives me hugs and kisses several times. He’s so sweet.

Henry is still living with his mom and is hopefully doing well. We don’t hear much from him nor see him as much as Harris would like. He’s been helpful to his mom, thankfully, while she tries to recover from a sprained ankle. He’s still very much into friends and games and is now trying to learn guitar. We await to hear his skills at this newfound interest.

That’s just a brief rundown of how we’re doing. Not much has changed, at least in our eyes, so if there is something you want to know feel free to ask- comment, email, call, whatever. Hopefully won’t be forever again before you hear from me again.

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2 Responses to We’re Alive!

  1. Anna says:

    Hey-this is way easier to leave comments on! Glad to hear
    you are alive!

  2. Sheri says:

    Yay! Glad you’re back. I missed reading about your life and how things are going.

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